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3 Stocks I'm BUYING in November 2022

We are currently in a bear market $SPX500 with many headwinds ahead. These are the times to take opportunities in the markets and buy stocks. These are three stocks I'm buying in October 2022.

The first stock I'm buying in November 2022 is Icahn Enterprises $IEP . This is a stock with a 15% dividend yield but you have to be careful about its structure since it is a master limited partnership. This 15% dividend yield is worth less if you consider all the taxes involved. However, if you want to bet on Carl Icahn, it can be a good investment.

The second stock I'm buying in November 2022 is GEO Group $GEO . The company is cleaning its balance sheet at a fast rate and risk of bankruptcy is not here anymore. Trading at X4 FCF, it represents a value opportunity.

The third stocks I'm buying in November 2022 is Meta $META . The stock is not doing well at all as it is down by over 75% from all time high because of uncertainties surrounding the metaverse. However, if we ignore the metaverse (and even give it a negative value), Facebook alone looks like a value stock.

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