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I'm sure most of us got a terrible October. Well, not me, since I invested in GameStop $GME . What we need to do now is invest in other stocks which will give the types of returns as GameStop in future.

The first stock which I'm buying in November 2020 is Alaska Air Group $ALK . The airlines are having a terrible year but we need to focus on the long-term. I started buying shares of Alaska Airlines in March this year. It is clearer now how the situation is with the pandemic, the recession and the airlines.

Instead of buying back shares like many of the airlines have been doing in recent years, Alaska Airlines acquired Virgin America and then bought marketable securities. That's why they are doing better than the average airline in this recession. Besides, they have mostly domestic business, which means that the recovery for them will be faster.

The second stock I'm buying in November 2020 is Essent Group $ESNT . With the low mortgage rate, home sales are increasing in the US and many of these new homebuyers will require mortgage insurance. Essent Group is in my opinion the best of the private mortgage insurance businesses. The work from home trend could also help this stock.

The third stock I'm buying in November 2020 is JPMorgan Chase $JPM . Whenever I find the opportunity to buy this stock, I do so. I've been buying this stock since 2016. Betting on the largest and best (in my opinion) bank in America is betting on the American economy.

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