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3 Stocks I'm BUYING in April 2023

March 2023 saw the stocks of many financial stocks fall, including those I have in my portfolio, JPMorgan Chase $JPM , Essent Group, and Genworth Financial $GNW . To limit the damage, I took profits on Genworth Financial. If the stock continues crashing, I will buy again.

The two other stocks I'm buying in April 2023 are arbitrage opportunities. Activision Blizzard $ATVI is going to be acquired by Microsoft $MSFT . The probability of the deal happening increased in recent weeks, but the spread is still quite high. The third stock I'm buying in April 2023 is TEGNA $TGNA . This one too is an arbitrage opportunity as the company is going to be acquired by hedge fund Standard General. It seems that the deal will not go though. Even in this scenario, TEGNA is undervalued.

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