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The first stock I'm buying in April 2022 is iRobot $IRBT . This is a tech company looking like a value stock for 2 main reasons:

1. Tariffs on Chinese goods - iRobot products are made in China. They have decided not to raise prices and this affected their margins

2. Increased competition from cheaper products leading to a reduction in market share

But the company is undervalued as the market has overreacted.

The second stock I'm buying in April 2022 is Aliaba $BABA . The stock is down over 75% from all time high and right now is undervalued. Despite all the risks and uncertainties surrounding tech stocks in China, we need to focus on the long-term. This is a business with great growth potential.

The third stock I'm buying in April 2022 is Activision Blizzard $ATVI . This is an arbitrage opportunity as the company will be acquired by Microsoft $MSFT in an all-cash transaction. Right now the spread on the deal is about 20%.

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Full analysis of Alibaba:

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