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This is the best day for our portfolio so far this year, we are currently up by about 2.2% beating the $SPX500 by more than 1%. Two of our largest investments, Skyworks Solutions $SWKS and GameStop $GME are both up by over 6%. With higher $Oil prices, out two oil stocks Concho Resources $CXO and Parsley Energy $PE are up by 1.8% and 2.4% respectively.

One important news today is $GOOG proposed acquisition of $FIT for $7.35/share. At the current price, I don't see any arbitrage opportunity but I'll do an analysis of that soon.

I've posted an analysis of the latest Apple $AAPL and Facebook $FB earnings on my partnership today:




How was October for you? The S&P 500 $SPX500 reached ATH and I narrowly beat the market mainly because of GameStop $GME , Apple $AAPL and $JPM .

The number one stock I'm buying in November 2019 is Skyworks Solutions $SWKS . It is a semiconductor company and one of the suppliers of Apple. They also supply to other companies such as Samsung and Huawei. Skyworks Solutions makes chip that acts as antennas to help you connect to the network. They are going to be a big winner from 5G. Although, Apple shares are at all time high, Skyworks Solutions is lagging behind(these two stocks are usually correlated) because of the Trade War with China and also some insiders have been selling shares.

Skyworks Solutions, however, has a moat and can be regarded as a value stock. They have a really good balance sheet with no debt at all. With 4G chips, they are making $18 on every phone that is sold regardless of the brands, since they sell to all the big brands. With 5G, they are going to make $25. That's a revenue increase of 38% per phone. If they can keep the same margins, this will result to higher profits for the company. Skyworks Solutions is moving away from Apple. They are now working with car companies such as Tesla $TSLA and VolksWagen $VOW3.DE to supply chips for electric and autonomous vehicles.

The second stock which I'm buying is a Russian gold $GOLD miner, Polymetal International $POLY.L . It is one of the largest gold miners in Russia and the third largest Silver $SILVER miner in the World. The AISC (All in sustaining cost) is about $900, which is quite low and it can get even lower in the future. Right now, they have high capital expenditure because they are working on building new mines. For example, the Prognoz mine is going to be one of the largest silver mines in the world, the Nezhda mine could be one of the largest gold mines in the world. They could be one of the top gold producers in the future. They will soon begin explorations of Viksha, which has a high deposit of Platinum $PLATINUM and Palladium. They are focusing on the future, that's why I like about this company. It is not just a hedge but a real investment. They also process their own gold to further lower their AISC and they are building a new processing plant.

The third stock I'm buying did poorly in the last earnings, Travelers Companies $TRV . It is one of the largest insurance companies in the US. Actually, their business insurance segment suffered the most because of asbestos claims. They are still fighting in court that they should not cover businesses which have asbestos in their buildings and factories when the employees get sick from the asbestos. Their combined ratio right now is above 100%. This is not good but if we look at their investment portfolio, they are doing quite good. They own $63 billion in bonds, mainly corporate, municipal and state bonds. All these bonds are high quality bonds. There is a bond bubble and Travelers Companies management have been smart enough to sell some of these bonds. Even if the bubble burst, with the asbestos claims, Travelers Companies is a great company for the long-term.

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