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My STOCK PORTFOLIO - October 2019 ๐Ÿ’ฐ

Great day for nearly all the stocks in our portfolio. Apple $AAPL reaches all time high. The bet performer is $GME which is up by nearly 5%. The worst performer is $DGE.L after the $GBPUSD gains 1.7%. Today, i made some additional investments in $POLY.L mainly by selling the $GLD which I had. I will eventually replace all the $GLD with $POLY.L and depending on the price of $GOLD , I may buy more in the future.

My STOCK PORTFOLIO - October 2019 ๐Ÿ’ฐ

I think every quarter I need to tell you what's in my portfolio. What I'm going to do next. What is working or not working. It is like a quarterly report. I currently have 11 companies in my portfolio.

Let's start with Apple $AAPL which is no longer the largest position in my portfolio. It is still 5.5% of my portfolio and I'm at a profit of about 80%. I've been Apple since 2016 when everybody was selling and I bought again last year when everybody was selling. A few weeks ago, I started selling my shares because everybody was buying. It is not because I don't believe in the company or that it is expensive. The problem is with the stock. This is the number one stock on many index/mutual funds and ETFs and when things go bad for the market $SPX500 , this is the first stock that is sold. In the future, Apple will do great especially with 5G.

To have greater exposure to 5G, I have Skyworks Solutions $SWKS in my portfolio. This is one of the suppliers of Apple. They are not only going only going to win from 5G but also from electric vehicles as they supply companies such as Tesla $TSLA . This is 6.5% of my portfolio.

The largest position in my portfolio, that is 9%, is in Diageo $DGE.L which is the world's largest alcohol distiller. This is just taking advantage of Brexit and a weak pound $GBPUSD . Since Diageo is a British exporter, they gain from a weak pound.

Another stock I have been selling lately is Facebook $FB and I've been selling for the same reasons I sold my Apple shares. This is 4.6% of my portfolio and the profits are about 40%. I still believe that Facebook has the potential of becoming the largest company on Earth by 2030. They have a really good balance sheet and they have not yet fully monetized Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger although more and more ads are now digital.

5% of my portfolio is in JPMorgan Chase $JPM . This is certainly the best bank in the world and Jamie Dimon is considered to be the greatest CEO in America. The way this bank has been growing sine 2004, when Jamie Dimon became CEO, is amazing. The company is still growing. They are now the largest investment bank in the world, the largest commercial bank in the US and second largest custodian bank in the world. While lower interest rates have been a bad thing for most banks, JPMorgan Chase took the opportunity to expand their credit card business.

Another financial company I own is Travelers Companies $TRV which is 5.3% of my portfolio. I like the bond portfolio that they have. They own great quality municipal and state bonds and through Travelers companies, I have exposure to these markets.

Another insurance company I own is Alliazn $ALV.DE which is 2.7% of my portfolio. Most probably, I'm going to sell these shares soon. There's too much risk in the Eurozone right now with the negative rates. But Allianz has businesses all around the world and is the largest insurance company in the world. It also partly owns Munich Re $MUV2.DE which is the largest reinsurance company in the world.

I own two $OIL companies, Concho Resources $CXO and Parsley Energy $PE which are respectively 4% and 6% of my portfolio. I'm losing money on both investments. Both of these companies are upstream companies with exclusive operations in the Permian Basin and both of them are trading under their intrinsic value right now.

2.3% of portfolio is in Disney $DIS . I can't buy more because it is not cheap enough and I can't buy more because it is not expensive enough. With Disney+ coming, we should be expecting Disney to be losing some money in the short term but in the long-term, it is going to work.

I have two workouts in my portfolio namely GameStop $GME and Allergan $AGN which are respectively 5% and 6%.

25% of my portfolio is in cash and cash equivalents. This is going to go down soon. I also hold some long-term bonds $TLT and intermediate term bonds $IEF and some gold $GOLD $GLD .

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