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How to learn from your ROLE MODELS

In the past, if you wanted to learn from your role models, you would need to meet that person in real life and it was not always easy. Today, you can read books about them or books that they have written. But there is also a simpler way I use to learn from my role models.

First, you should understand that not everybody can be your role model, so choose wisely. I choose 5 people and I try to learn from these 5 people for one year. Some of them will be replaced after a year while some of them might be on the list for many many years.

Step 2 is to search on YouTube videos about these people and add the top 10 videos for each on the "Watch later" playlist. Well, now you have 50 videos to watch and you only have to watch at least one video a week. Some videos will be longer, others shorter, but make sure to watch at least one a week. It is not hard to do.

YouTube will also be suggesting related videos to you and you can always watch those. The more videos you watch, the more the YouTube algorithm will be playing on your favor. That's how you compound knowledge for free. Of course, you can always learn more if you read books. But just like money can be compounded, knowledge can also be compounded.

Here are the 5 people I am learning from this year: 1. Warren Buffett 2. Jamie Dimon 3. Michael Bloomberg 4. Bob Iger 5. Ray Dalio

Who are your role models?

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