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First of all, the US markets $SPX500 are closed today because of Memorial Day. The trade war has recently intensified causing a fall in stock prices and the opportunity for us to buy stocks at a discount. Here are the 3 stocks I'm buying this month: 1. $CXO Concho Resources is a pure-play upstream oil and gas exploration company with exclusive operations in the Permian Basin. The Permian Basin, which is located in West Texas, is the richest $oil and $natgas region in the world currently. Right now, the US is the world's largest oil producer and by 2024, they are going to produce more oil than Russia and Saudi Arabia combined. The State of Texas alone is going to produce more oil than either of these countries and most of this oil will come from the Permian Basin. So, it is the right time to invest in Permian Basin stocks. Even big companies such as $xom $cvx $oxy are making acquisitions. Recently, $OXY made a bid to acquire $APC and Warren Buffett $BRK.B is backing this acquisition since he is betting on the Permian Basin. I've studied most of the Permian stocks and in my opinion, Concho Resources is at the best value 2. $SWKS Another boom coming is 5G and at the center of 5G, there is Skyworks Solutions. This company makes semiconductor chips used in most phones today as antennas. There main customer right now is $AAPL since every iPhone has a Skyworks chip. Samsung, Huawei, $QCOM , $MSFT , AMZN are also major customers. Right now, for every 4G phone that is being sold, Skyworks makes $18 and with 5G, they are going to make $25. This company has also a very strong balance sheet and along with $GOOG and $FB is one of the rare companies not to have any long-term debt. 3. $CELG I've been buying this stock for the last two months now. Celgene, which is the leading biotech company $IBB in fighting cancer is being acquired by $BMY . There is still a spread between the current stock price and the buying price, so there is the opportunity for an arbitrage trade which can still yield about 8% in the coming months.

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