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3 Stocks I'm Buying in MARCH 2019

This month of March 2019, I'm buying the following stocks: 1. Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A ,BRK.B) It is not the investment portfolio of Warren Buffett that I'm after but rather the insurance/reinsurance and the railroad. I already have a few insurance companies in my portfolio such as Travelers Companies, Allianz and Munich Re. I'm also interested in having exposure to a railroad and Berkshire Hathaway own BNSF(Burlington Northern Santa Fe). Moreover, I'll get exposure to the banks. Right now, Berkshire Hathaway is underpriced and Warren Buffett said that they will continue to buyback their shares. 2. Morgan Stanley (MS) I didn't add to my position in Morgan Stanley in months and I think it is the right time since the stock never stopped falling since March 2018. 3. BMW Recently BMW announced a partnership with Daimler for the development of self-driving cars. The stock is at a great price for the moment with P/E of 6, P/B of 0.87. It is not only Tesla which will win from electric vehicles.

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