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The First Pages of an Empire

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

- Mark Twain

Life plans

A lot has been happening in my life lately and I have not been very active on my blog. Even though I now have a vlog, I still want to use my blog and keep this website active on its own. So far, I have been making two videos every week. On Mondays, I publish a stock analysis video and on Fridays I publish a general video about things that I have been thinking of. Every vlog is generally accompanied by a blog where I write parts of the script. Now, I am going to write one blog post independent of my YouTube channel every Wednesday. The post will be about the new exciting things happening in my life.

Last September, my friend gave me a diary for my birthday. It was bigger than the diaries that I usually use so I didn't really know what to use it for until last Sunday. I've decided to use the diary as a life planner. I do have a small diary where I plan the next day. I do have a medium size diary which I write about my feelings and things happening to me. But this one, I am going to write the whole plan. How I am going to build an empire from nothing.

I drew a flowchart on the first page describing all the important parts of that Empire that I am building and from it I understood that there are 5 things that I should be working on everyday in the near future:

1. My skills/knowledge

2. Building my personal brand

3. Building my business

4. Managing my stock portfolio

5. Being a High Ticket Closer

I have only 24 hours everyday so I can't dedicate my time on all five things equally everyday. Some days I'll be working more on my business than on closing calls while others I'll be just learning for the majority of the time. The important thing to do is that every single day I take at least a small step. Each of these small steps will eventually add up and compound to what I want to achieve. I'll note down in the diary all these little steps to see where I am going. Moreover, I have dedicated other pages to each individual project.

Besides, over the last few days I have been actively planning my next holidays to London. It includes paying for things and money transfers. I am having a few troubles because "Russia" (it is not a place for online money transfers and entrepreneurial growth). But these troubles gave me a business idea and I am certainly going to target Russian customers once I launch my business.

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