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Exactly one week ago(last Monday), at this time, 4:44 PM (Moscow time), I was about to board a plane from Mauritius to Dubai. Well, I boarded that plane, traveled to Dubai, spent some time at the airport there, bought a new phone, boarded another plane to Moscow, spent the night in a four-star hotel and then took a train to Voronezh. I reached my hostel, in Voronezh, at 6:05 AM on Thursday. You can say that I had an interesting week. Many ideas flew through my mind during all these travelling and one of them was about creating this website and blog. I have many things to write about and I don't really know from where to begin. I don't promise you that I'm going to write everyday but every time I have something to say to the world, I know that now, I have a centre of operation. From here, I'm going to review books that I've read, comment about current events, analyse big ideas and share with you my projects. Dear reader, welcome aboard!

In front of the Budapest Hotel in Moscow

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