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Ishfaaq was born in 1994 on the island of Mauritius from a lower middle class family. He spent most of his childhood in the city of Vacoas-Phoenix with his parents and grandmother. Ishfaaq lost his mother and grandmother when he was 15 and 17 respectively. He moved to Russia at the age of 18 for further studies.
Bolshoi Theatre
Ishfaaq lived in the city of Voronezh which about 500 km south of Moscow for 5 years. The first day he came to Russia, he was lost in Moscow but managed to buy a plane ticket for Voronezh. Ishfaaq calls this day as the best day of his life so far as this was the day he realized that he was free and he could do anything. After studying Russian for on year Ishfaaq enrolled at the Voronezh State University. 
Being curious by nature, knowing the secrets of how the universe works is what ultimate knowledge means for Ishfaaq. Therefore, studying theoretical physics was the wisest decision he could have made. His main focus was on the geometrization of physics using differential forms. Ishfaaq was the lead author of a paper on using differential forms in electrodynamics. After 4 years of studies, Ishfaaq graduated in July 2018.

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Ishfaaq had to make a choice: pursue a career in Physics or be an entrepreneur and change the world. He chose the later and gave up the opportunity to do a Masters degree in Theoretical Cosmology at the University of Cambridge and came back to his home country of Mauritius. Right now Ishfaaq is managing assets for other people on eToro as a Popular Investor. He also runs a fast growing YouTube channel about investing and an investment research partnership
Ishfaaq spends two hours of his day reading and he is always listening to audiobooks during his morning walks on the beach. Being an investor and researcher, there's lot of reading to do. Warren Buffett says that he reads 500 pages a day. Ishfaaq is not reading that much yet but he always find time to read more, to gain more knowledge and to satisfy his curious mind. He reads both fiction and non-fiction and is not scared to go into genres or subjects that he hardly knows.

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Ishfaaq keeps multiple Rubik's cubes and other puzzles on his desk when he is working. There's even a Rubik's cube on his nightstand. It is not just a puzzle to be solved, or a toy but rather a therapy. He is tired, he solves a Rubik's cube. He is stuck in his work, he solves a Rubik's cube. His personal record on the 3X3X3 Rubik's cube is 16.27 seconds and he can solve the 4X4X4 in about two minutes. He is looking forward to participating in official competitions and learning to solve other puzzles. 
Ishfaaq's native language is Mauritian Creole and he is also fluent in English, French and Russian. He is right now learning German and has some basic knowledge of Arabic. Ishfaaq loves languages and learning them as he sees them as an expression of human evolution and history. "In which language do you think?" is a question that Ishfaaq finds too hard to answer. 
Ishfaaq has a coin collection of more than 200 different coins coming from about 30 countries. Some of these countries no longer exist and some of these currencies have been retired. Coins have been in existence since the dawn of civilisation. They are the narrator of  history and often their real value is not at all based on the metal of which they are made. 

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coin collection
Ishfaaq really started travelling when he moved to Russia from Mauritius. With Russia, being the world's largest country, he travelled to the different cities during the holidays. He has also been to Dubai and Europe and doesn't want to die until  he has discovered all the facets of this planet(or beyond). Ishfaaq likes places with a rich history, a unique culture and beautiful scenery. Ishfaaq's travel pictures are on his Instagram
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