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Ishfaaq is a 28-year-old Investor and Entrepreneur from Mauritius. He started investing in 2016 and, upon completing his undergraduate studies in theoretical physics, became a full-time investor in 2018. He is currently an Elite Popular Investor on the leading social trading network eToro with over $2 million in Assets Under Management. He also runs an investment research platform and a YouTube channel on investing.
Ishfaaq is a value investor, following the footsteps of his role model, Warren Buffett. He believes in fundamental analysis, looking for undervalued stocks aiming to beat the market over the long term. He occasionally dabbles in special situations such as merger arbitrage. His strategy is to invest in businesses and ignore markets' noises. Ishfaaq has returned over 40% annually over the last six years.
Ishfaaq is an avid reader, enjoys long walks on the beach, can solve a Rubik's cube in under 15 seconds, and has a coin collection. His vision is to merge his love for science and finance by providing the capital necessary to build world-changing technologies such as nuclear fusion and interplanetary colonization. Paraphrasing another of his role model, Steve Jobs, his dream is to put a dent in the Universe.
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